Wednesday, October 3, 2012

E x h a u s t e D

Hello again.

There will be no presentation today but we have to show/submit (I'm not sure which is the right one) the Use Case Diagram and the Sequence Diagram of our system to Mdm Shahniza.

Here comes our lecturer  :)
*She's making an announcement*....wew looks like she's going to give a task that requires two selected groups to develop a web to store student's data etc. The requirements will be given to them by this Monday. The two groups will be chosen from CS2314A and CS2314B, one of each.
It happens that she won't be in the class today as she has a meeting to attend.
But she did gave us work to be submitted tomorrow before 12pm  >_<"

AND we HAVE to do it in the class, right now D:

We have netcentric next. Lets pray that the class will be cancelled too. We soo can't wait to study more about Netbeans and all its(java) codings~
Hokelahh...imma do the work right now.

Thankyou! :)


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