Monday, October 1, 2012

If Mondays were shoes, they'd be Crocs.

What a lovely Monday morning. Aha  >_<"

Today we learned about JSON ,AJAX, etc. The lecturer asked us a few questions about Netbeans which we couldn't really answer. But yeah, we're currently taking advance netcentric lol.

Okaaaay, what is JSON ? First of all, it stands for Java Script Object Notation.
It is a data interchange interactive Web 2.0 application, which means no more use of page replacement........


Then we're told to look up the meaning of Internet and internet. See if there's any difference to it (notice the uppercase 'I' before the latter). Which there is, and  I know it. But I forgot what it is...wew~
Not to forget the examples of internet application, web and also web application yay.!


Kay Imma stop right there. Sorry for all the lame posts, over and over again. I just do it cuz I have to but I hope that by the end of this semester I will learn to like blogging, if Allah wills. Thanks! xD


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