Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I forgot what we did on Wednesday :(

Ahh yes.
LOL omg, upon completing the title above, I just remembered
we had to show our assignment for the AJAX thingy to our lecturer.
So we just need to sit back and wait for our names to be called.
And guess what, lucky number one..........WAS YOURS TRULY~   -_-

When my name was called, I told Mdm Shahniza that Aisyah was absent. I was secretly hoping nobody would blow my cover but unfortunately she memorizes our names already. Oh dear D:
Hehehe, kidding,was only fooling around lol. But yeah, she can tell us all apart so don't try this in class.

After gathering all the courage I had, I walked up to Mdm Shahniza and just showed what I had done for the assignment which involves A LOT of editing. Nuff said lol.
The next day, my classmate Ammar - aka Karim - , did remind me that what we did might be wrong as he remembered that our lecturer said something that goes like this, "I never said that what you did for the assignment was correct", in class during his presentation of the assignment. I was there when he presented but I didn't quite remember until he told me so.

So at about 4pm on that day, our lecturer posted about re-demo-ing the assignment once again via Facebook as the previous one in the lab sessions we showed her did not comply to the questions for the assignment. It was very alarming as we had little time to complete it before we get to re-demo it to her before 6pm. Nonetheless, we completed it and got to demo it too before 6pm. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you. To Madam Shahniza, the readers, and also my classmates. Eh  apeni.


Karim said...

jumpa pun nama sendiri..femes lah saya hoho

hani aziz said...

hahaha karim2 xD

sakuyama hyeru said...

omg you forgot what we did on wednesday? sad :(

hani aziz said...

hahaha blergh :P

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