Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Uhh as you can see, the blog layout remains untouched.
Procrastination is indeed a disease .
But not to worry, I will change the layout ASAP soon heheh.

Oh we'll be having another presentation today on ERD, context diagram,
data flow diagram (DFD), flowchart and the system architecture of our system.
Actually, Azua and I have decided to change the system but then we think that it's best
to just stay with the system we planned on doing before.

BUT IN THE EVENTS OF ANY DIFFICULTIES THAT WE THINK MAY OCCURwe might change the system and inform the lecturer before the deadline ends.
This is because we are having doubts on the current system as we think that it may be a little
too big complex for a project.

Mdm. Shahniza thought we should include total sales for the month for our current system etc. We're so glad as we do not have to make any corrections for it. Alhamdulillah  (^-^ )*

Thank youu!
Until next time =3


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