Monday, October 15, 2012

It's freezing in here!

IT'S funny how the lab session is always hot while the lecture class is always too cold :/
But frankly, I prefer being in a place that is rather hot than being in a place that is a little frigid~
Because then I'd be hyperactive. It's better than being in a state that's almost similar to brain freeze except with cold fingers, no?
Err. Not that I can focus as much being in such conditions anyway...can you? o.O

The lecture class was, nevertheless, awesome as always!
And it's really nice to have a lot of comedians in the class though, hahah.
They kinda beat the monday blues xD

In today's class, Mdm. Shahniza continued on Java Web Tech until the end of chapter 3.
Oh um during our upcoming lab session, we are going to be asked to define cookie and URL rewriting.
Apart from that, we need to be able to also differentiate JSF, MVC and ROR.
Aiya...not all of us went for that class la madam!!  T^T
But..that's okay, I'm sure Google will come to the rescue *winks*
Oh nu I almost forgot that we are going to have a test next week. Same time and same freezing place ;(

Good luck y'all. And thankyou!


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