Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Demonstration of Progress PART 2

SO here we are in the lab still trying to configure the MySQL thingy.
At least Azua still is. As for me, I gave up this morning though. Sigh.

Hmm...Mdm Shahniza told us through facebook that we needed to show her our
progress for the project. And that if we'd like to show her in the lab or in the staff's room(our lecturer's room, of coure)
We chose to meet her there in the room for the re-demo of our progress.
I simply am out of ideas. Azua is sitting next to me now, still figuring it out.
Okay now Raqib is helping us D:

Please please work dearest MySQL, we're gonna meet the lecturer soon T^T
Until next time, ja matta~

mysql or my sql? LULZ.


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