Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Summing it all up :)

I know I've abandoned the blog for almost 2 weeks now.

Sorry! I must say I have been very busy studying loafing around~

So the thing is, we got a week full of tests the 1st week I've  been away.
But there are 2 tests that had been postponed to this week (which is the 2nd week).
And the not so-nice fact is that those two killers are on the same day.

1st week :

The class on Monday was running as normal but luckily it wasn't too cold or anything.
I remembered one part where Madam Shahniza said that one of the kopitiam called Hailam Kopitiam (if I'm not mistaken) cooks their customer's selection of foods in the same pan where they cook dogs. Ew.
So guys, please be very careful when you go to any kopitiam. Pork-free does NOT mean that the shop serves halal food.

As for the lab session, almost 90% of us were there earlier than we should.
We must be very excited for the lab session :P
Unfortunately, our lecturer couldn't make it to the lab that day.
Aw, but that's okay because honestly I was extremely tired (and sleepy!) then. Zzz.

2nd week :

I'm kinda stressed out lately prolly cause there's just so many things to deal with aside from the non-stop tests. And yes, I have been missing some classes due to several reasons in which I have no control over (for some). This leads to lack of new info from the lecturers but I'd like to thank Azua & Syafiq for providing me all of the latest information that I needed to know. And to Mdm Shahniza, I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend your class last Monday because of tummy upset >_<

That's all for now.
p/sFasten your seatbelts, gentlemen, it's going to be a bumpy ride.!
Thank you  =3



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