Tuesday, November 20, 2012


ESPECIALLY when I don't have to go to class at 8.30 in the morning. Teehee~

Oh well, I was feeling so much under the weather and plus the weather now is constantly cold as it keeps raining everyday without fail.
But the excitement doesn't continue as I had a 10.30 class to attend.
I came late as usual due to the fact that the car wasn't in a good condition, it was raining and the traffic was kinda bad.

Honestly, all I wanted was to sit at home and sleep all day.
But I know that's not possible because I was absent on Monday the week before too.
I had no MC as I din't go to the clinic..all I can say is that I was just very unwell.Sometimes I think it makes no sense that you could go meet a doctor but you can't go to class/work. That's just weird, don't you think? D:

If you're sick, you're sick. Just stay in bed. Why bother seeing a doctor?Then again, that's just my opinion. Hehe, thank youu!


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