Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Demonstration of Progress yaww

SO yeah, the day has come for us to present our project's progress.
Azua and I have almost completed our system's interface.
Not that it's anywhere near perfect. Tq.The things that we lack were just the database and a few codes for the ASP.

During the demo, we were told to not use Microsoft Access for the database
and that it is better to use MySQL for our database.
Hmm....sounds like a tough thing to do considering we've never used it before.
But, all is I good I D:Oh, dear Madam....Have mercy on us.
But don't you worry Madam, for we shall complete the project in compliance with all the rules you've given us T^T
Arigatou gozaimasu minna-san~! ^-^v



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