Monday, September 17, 2012

A new semester begins.

OK so I created this blog 3 years ago.
If you look at the previous post, there's only one post I made.
I'm actually not one to blog and so far I've only made a few more posts
which I've deleted because I have decided to turn this blog for  ITT 544 - Web Technology purposes only.

This is because on the first class on this new semester, we've been asked  by our lecturer, Mdm. Nor Shahniza Bt Kamal Bashah to create a blog for this course and to update it like, twice a week?  X_X  I am so dead.  But for the marks, I shall update it more often tq *grins*
As for my opinion on this course, I think I find it rather interesting on the first class and I know it's gonna be more exciting once we've learned it more deeply throughout the semester.  And oh, and we're also given an assignment which requires us to create a system that uses ASP, Java etc. But, my partner in crime, Nor Azua Binti Samsul Kahar and I are still debating whether to use ASP or Java for our system. We shall come up with a suitable method for our system though, wait for it! D:
I think that's all for now. Thank you for reading.



Amrun said...


hani aziz said...

LOL ammar xD

Farah Nadiah Zulkarnain said...

best2!! hehe sama macam i.. dah lama create. tapi jarang update ;p

hani aziz said...

hahaha kann? blogs are soooooo. lame. x_x

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