Monday, September 24, 2012

Web Architectureee

IT'S time to change the layout of this blog.
It's too plain and just very disturbing.
Then again, I will do that....later.
Or tomorrow D:

Um on our second lecture class, we learned about Web Architecture.
Mdm. Shahniza taught us that web architecture is an approach to the design and planning of websites which, like architecture itself, involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria.
Apart from the definition of web architecture, we also learned about the types of web pages and the concept of a tier. In the midst of the lecture, we were asked to add a CV in our blog and make it as concise as possible. And oh, we need to add a few gadgets and stuff to make it more interactive...and fun maybe o.o

In addition to that, we learn about URL, URI, something about cloud computing (Xa-as, the characters represent Everything As A Service,respectively), presentation, logic and data. Finally, we were asked to look up on
omparison of proprietary and open source technologies. But at the end of the class, we learned that Java and ASP are proprietary while PHP is open source. The only thing left is to find the comparison of those two and not to forget that we have another presentation during the upcoming lab session.
Azua and I planned to change our system and we really hope that Mdm. Shahniza will approve of it.
That's all for this post. Thank you and good night @_@


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