Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's getting hot in hereee~


Hello again. Today is our third class for this course and also the day we are supposed to present a few things like the title for our system etcetc. The class should start at 2.10 pm but we came a little early today around 1.30 pm. When we came in, there were already a few unknown students inside the lab D:   We were kind of shocked because we thought we got into the wrong lab. But then one of them said that it's not their class at the time and that they were only loafing around in the lab and will leave soon. Phew~ *taking our own seats*.

A few minutes after Mdm. Shahniza came in, we were told to update our blog for about 10 minutes in every lab sessions of this course which is exactly what I'm doing now. Btw I think there's something wrong with the air conditioner...it doesnt seem to be functioning -_-"   So hot in here lahh...
Madam did mention that if it continues this way, we shall change the venue for next week onwards yeay~!!

Okay gotta run. Thank you for reading. Bye :)


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